Saturday, January 5, 2008

Top Ten Beauty Wishes for 2008

  1. What else? A Holy Grail foundation. Again.
  2. Clear, even skin. Perhaps my flightiness and failure to commit to products has been what has been wreaking havoc on my face lately.
  3. More efficient product storage. Why is it that lately I have products that I cannot find?
  4. Rotate products. I have a ton of makeup products. I need to "shop my stash" more often and really take advantage of the products I already have.
  5. Smell good. It's so basic. I want to ensure that I don't leave the house without perfume or lotion.
  6. Floss everyday (and get those wisdom teeth!). Gum health is important, and taking care of one's teeth is imperative in anybody's beauty regimen.
  7. Stop buying products/clothes just because they are on sale. No more sales goggles! I want to focus on high quality items that I love. Sometimes there is a reason an item makes it to Marshalls.
  8. Eat healthy food and make exercise a priority. An old standard, but I did a great job this past year, so I want to keep it up.
  9. Go to the salon regularly. Sometime my roots get a tad too long.
  10. HAVE FUN WITH MAKEUP! Isn't that what it's all about? Oh yeah, and looking better, too.

Happy 2008!

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