Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Adventures in Downsizing

If you have found my blog, you are probably a hardcore beauty addict like me. If so, you may also suffer from the enviable problem of a humongous makeup stash - one so large that you simply CANNOT use it all! While I must admit that this is a nice problem to have, it can be frustrating when one cannot find a specific product or when barely-used lip glosses start going bad. Thus, I am aware that my stash has grown too large and is need of downsizing.

Knowing and doing are two different things. I have found it very hard to let things go. I think so many items are special! Sometimes I will select some makeup to get rid of, and I end up changing my mind.

A few nights ago, my darling daughter said to me, "Mommy, you have too much makeup. You should give some away." (I've done this in the past) I said, you are right. She said, "I'll help you." We played and sampled, and believe it or not, she really did help me! I kept wanting to stop, and she kept saying we should keep going, and before I knew it, we had picked out a bunch of things.

All in all, my ruthless 5-year-old daughter helped me offload seventeen items from my stash! My blush drawer is now all perfectly arranged. Yay!

I already had a big bag of stuff, so now I have more items to add to it. I'm going to take it in to work and give it away. I did this a few months ago, and surprisingly, I got a great response at work. People loved it!

So my stash is still too big, but that evening was very productive and even somewhat fun. It made me aware of how much I am attached to these items, and frankly, I was a little surprised at how difficult it was for me to really let go of so much stuff at once. I have NO problems letting go of clothing that doesn't fit or that I don't wear, so why is it so hard to let go of makeup? I don't have the answer at this point, but I think I will explore the issue further on a later date.

Love your stash, everyone, and try to let go of items that do not elicit that love.

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